Butterbean is the titular character of Butterbean's Café and owner of her very own café; a fairy kind and talented chef who creatively comes up with brand new dishs. She's Cricket's older sister and is voiced by Margaret Ying Drake.



Butterbean has has blue eyes, brown, shoulder length hair with her bangs parted on the corner and braided, tucked to the right of her head and held by a large, pink bean-shaped clip. She wears before coming to her café at the beginning of some episodes a pink blouse with blue-iced bean image paired with a frilly yellow and white skirt.

For her work clothing, she wears a white chef jacket with pink detail and a pink bean-shaped pocket to accent the glittery, sky blue bean button on the torso and sleeves cuffs. this is . Her pink shoes have a skinny yellow ring around the sole and a yellow butterfly on the corner of the strap, and she wears pink leggings with sky blue bean print. Her magical tool is her whisk.


Butterbean is a talented chef and is described as the fairy best boss by her friends. She is 10 years old and kind and sweet; always willing to lend a hand, and enjoys coming up with brand new fun and colorful recipes.


Let's Gets Cooking

Cool beans!!


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