Cricket's First Menu!
Released November 15, 2018
Running time 11:45
Episode Crew
Directed by Declan Doyle
Written by Dustin Ferrer
Storyboard by Karim Gouyette
Episode Chronology
Previous Episode Dazzle's Cake-tastrophe!
Next Episode The Sweetest Ride!

Cricket's First Menu! is the 7th episode of Butterbean's Café and the 6th if combined with the previous episode, Dazzle's Cake-tastrophe!, for the 22-minute episode schedule on Nick Jr., released on November 15, 2018.


It's the first time Cricket has planned a café lunch menu, but with Ms. Marmalady having her monkey aides steal the box of ketchup from the café pantry which is meant to be eaten with fries as part of the meal combinations, will the bean team, with or without Jasper, come up with ketchup of their own to save the fate of the lunch menu' s success?