Cricket's the Boss!
Released November 21, 2018
Running time 11:45
Episode Crew
Directed by Richard Keane
Written by Laura Kleinbaum
Storyboard by Akis Dimitrakopoulos
Episode Chronology
Previous Episode Fairy Happy Thanksgiving!
Next Episode The Starlight Cupcake Surprise!
Cricket's the Boss! is the 15th episode of the series released on November 21, 2018 and the 8th when combined with the previous episode: Fairy Happy Thanksgiving! for the 8th 22-minute episode as listed in the debut season chronology and as scheduled on Nick Jr..


It's nice and boastful being the boss of a place – that’s the drive of Cricket as she open's up a lemonade stand with Donny and Reuben. But when the pride of "boss-ship" gets the better of her which breaks up the relationship with them, can she use her big sister's motivation and advice to work together and communicate humbly with them?


Cricket was searching for her big sister, similar to hide-and-seek, but she found her and they could now move into the café. Cricket asked Poppy what she made and that they look delicious and she replied cinnamon muffins. She asks her boss's opinion and she said of her assurance that they will be yummy despite the plain-ness; but she thinks they needed more color. Dazzle suggests if her sliced strawberries will do; Butterbean likes it and so does her, so she puts them on the muffins. Butterbean acknowledges them for a good work and high-fived her friends. A customer came with his daughter for their favorite breakfast: Butterbean's Bakeles. Cricket thought of this and startled her big sister; she told her she wants to be a boss just like her and it's fun. Not only that; the bean team gets in full gear to whatever she says and the customers who come enjoy what she and the entire team makes. She wants to open her own café, but her big sis wants her to start with something simpler and brought up a lemonade stand. Butterbean lended her tablet to her so she can fulfill her quest.

Cricket went to Donny and Reuben and asks if they want to work at her lemonade stand. Butterbean halted her little sister to give her advice that they have to work together to make things work despite her being the boss.


  • A boss doesn't do all the work herself when he/she has employees around him/her but Cricket did.
  • "…but I'm the boss!" and "…but I'm in charge/still in charge!" are the phrases children and obviously ignorant human beings use when their employees are working off-key.
  • Butterbean also demonstrated what the real caring boss does which if not mistaken lacks in many workplaces outside audiovisual media by telling Cricket that "being the boss is not all about employee commandment with a consequence of or else...".
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