The Grand Opening!
Released November 12, 2018
Running time 22:31
Episode Crew
Directed by Jean Herlihy
Written by Jonny Belt & Robert Scull
Storyboard by David Frasquet
Episode Chronology
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The Grand Opening! is the pilot episode of Butterbean's Café first aired on November 12, 2018 on Nick Jr. It is the only episode which runs the entire 22 minutes approximate.


When Butterbean opens up a café with her friends, Ms. Marmalady tries to ruin their first day of commercial success. Will she succeed or fail, despite wanting to be the only café runner in Puddlebrook?


  • This is the first episode of the first season of the series as well as the entire series itself.
  • Jasper, after receiving zoom-speed wings from Butterbean's magic whisk, quoted, "Jasper, newest member of "The Bean Team". He meant that as a collective name for the workers of the café, (including Butterbean herself).
  • This is the only episode which runs the entire 23 minutes approximate (except maybe specials). Following it will be 2 11-minute-approximate episodes which will share the same airing space on the 2 Nickelodeon channels.
  • Buttebean had no idea of Ms. Marmalady's plan, which was to remove Cricket's flyers advertising the grand opening of her café, as the reason why the Puddlebrook folk didn't show up, until the fairy finish she had no idea of at first came to her rescue.